Maintaining strong and healthy teeth should not be taken lightly because the teeth is a vital path of the body whose importance cannot be overestimated. Healthy teeth are strong teeth. It takes some dedication and commitment to have a really nice and strong teeth and you’ll find here some basic steps in maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

American Dental Association revealed that the reasons most people suffer from gum disease and tooth decay include poor oral hygiene, smoking or chewing tobacco, and taking certain medicines that block the absorption of calcium.

 Eating much of fruits, vegetables, and wheats provides the body with the required quantity of vitamins and minerals to maintain strong and healthy teeth. If you take certain medications or suffer from some diseases like diabetes, you need to place more emphasis on dental hygiene and visiting your dentist more regularly to prevent issues. Ultimately, strong and healthy teeth result from dedicated, consistent dental hygiene practices combined with healthy eating and regular dental care.

The steps below will ensure your teeth remains strong and healthy:
1. Floss a minimum of one time on daily basis
2. Make healthy food choices that ensures you consume the recommended daily allowance of calcium.
3. Brush after every meal with a fluoridated toothpaste.
4. Reduce smoking or chewing tobacco, but stopping completely will be better for your teeth
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