Medications are very essential to having good health and vitality, you either take preventive or curative medicines, preventive medicines can also be referred to as inoculation. Gaining maximally from your medications entails you taking them as prescribed by a doctor and not taking as you feel is right or taking increased dosage due to the urgency of getting out of health problems.

  1. Visit and talk with your doctor 
  2. Make sure you identify your current health condition and run a test to confirm
  3. Know why you need to take the drug
  4. Know when, how and dosage to take the drugs
  5. Know the consequences of not taking as prescribed 

Not taking your drugs up to the required dosage, that is, taking for some time and then dont complete to the required days and times as prescribed by a doctor, you may feel healed, but what happens is that the sickness you treated for lost its power of spreading the symptoms and not that you are now totally healed.

The sickness that was not totally healed will now build resistance against that particular type of drug you took to relieve the symptoms and thats why some drugs no more work for some people anymore, it used to work and ten it stopped working. Its not that the drug is no more effective, its just that the drug has lost its power in your body.

So endeavour to finish your prescription so as to have the best health you can always have.

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