Sleep should be enjoyed and not endured, so many find sleep difficult to come by at nights while so many others just lie down and sleep off. The days activity may have something to do with sleeping easily or difficulty in sleeping, but a few hours or minutes before bedtime definitely has something to do with whether someone sleeps easily or not. Below are a few things you should take into consideration when you know you should sleep at night. Lets take a look at them.

1. DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH WATER: Water is good for the body and all because of the many functions it performs, but if you must drink a lot of it, it just shouldn’t be before you go to sleep at night. Drinking too much water before you go to sleep would only make you visit the bathroom way too often at night, and of course that is not good because then, you wouldn’t be able to get enough sleep. So, if you must drink so much drink water, do that during the day.
2. DO NOT WORK OUT (EXERCISE): Exercising is great for healthy living, but just not ideal for one to do at night. Working out within 3 hours before sleep would cause your body temperature to shoot up significantly, and when that happens, it becomes difficult for one to doze off. So, you’ll only be making sleeping early very difficult for yourself when you go on to work out close to bedtime.

3. DO NOT ARGUE/ QUARREL: Quarreling or having even a heated argument during bedtime can make sleeping easily a hard task. This is because the human brain is programmed not to fall asleep if it isn’t happy or if it feels threatened. So it’s useless trying to sleep after an argument, because it may not happen. Researchers also say that the body tends to preserve its emotions until the next day after an argument or an unpleasant experience, so even when you eventually sleep after an argument, it is very likely that you’ll wake up the next morning feeling bitter as a result of it, so it is better to avoid it entirely during bedtime.
Never you deny yourself of sleep because it can harm your body in many ways than you can ever imagine or want.
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